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Visual Diary "Sony Alpha Adventure"


The last few days I had the chance to travel to Tenerife with the good people from the Sony Alpha Development Team. To clarify, I flew with a plane, I know it’s bad for our planet, but there was no other way to go - I checked and I would have taken the time to travel slower and more climate friendly unfortunately there where no options. At least I compensated it completely. And for the first time I strictly used my reusable clean canteen bottle for all my liquids, even on the plane - after some negotiation with the cabin crew. 

Back to Sony, cool cameras and all the big, fancy lenses. There is a big Firmware Update on the Horizon and we were able to test & feedback the 5.0 Version of the Sony Alpha A9. There are some things I didn’t expect I would love to have in my camera and some features long requested.

Our feedback was directly collected by the Japanese development team from Sony, a great experience. I was surprised to see and hear what they thought during the development process. Apparently there are some things they simply forgot to include and which they happily put on their todo-list for future updates

We got our hands on the 400mm f2.8 lens to test it out - nothing really new there as I was allowed to use the lens at the youth olympic games last fall in Buenos Aires as well as at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. Simply loved the whole experience! A great piece of quality glass, on a lightweight body, able to deliver exceptional sharp results with the fastest and most reliable focus I ever used. My type of photography changed quite a bit in the last few months and its not something I would use daily so owning one is just not the best option at the moment. But using it is always fun! :D

The biggest improvement on the A9 (v5) is the connectivity from the camera to the outside world, via ftp, wifi or network-cable does not matter what - it just works. As well as some improvements in the AF speed and precision (nothing I needed but as I’m super happy with the status-quo). And last and most appreciated they reworked some sections of the menu system and just did all kinds of small usability fixes. 

Thank you Sony for the trip, the cool insights and for your curiosity on how to make our tools / your cameras better. : )

Visual Diary "Natonabike"

lovely afternoon ride through lovely Switzerland - with Natalina

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